Suboxone Tapering Protocol

Over time many patients who were addicted to opiates choose to taper their Suboxone dosage so that they can eventually be off the medication altogether.  


Although each individual must consult with one of our health care professionals to determine their individually structured tapering schedule, the following explains our general approach, involving nutraceuticals and support, for every tapering protocol.


The Suboxone Tapering Protocol involves a comprehensive approach to most effectively alleviate withdrawal symptoms, accelerate recovery time and provide social support in order to sustain long term results.


Suboxone Tapering Protocol includes:  


  1. Open access to our OWLS 360º Program with complete OWLS Membership benefits.

  2. Specialized nutraceuticals, including specific seratonin & dopamine boosting amino acid formulations, as well as our Prime Essentials package.

  3. Customized suboxone tapering schedule (according to dosage history).