Greetings! Many of you are well aware of what was our OWLS Program at Marina Medical. This program has recently been replaced by AVI Body Nature Spirit™. We are very excited to launch AVI and the services it provides by the beginning of the new year 2019!


We will be updating this page shortly to provide some basic information about the different AVI services that will be offered. But, until then, please check out our Early Adopter AVI Membership Package!


AVI Membership Package


Includes the following per month:

- 4x EFS Charging Sessions™

- 4x Infrared Sauna Sessions

- 2x Corrective Exercise Session

- 1x Summit Health Session

- Wholesale access to speciality AVI supplements and 25% off all other supplements

- 50% OFF all Nutraceutical Juice Add-Ons


NOTICE: Any member that uses more services than their monthly package includes will have continued access to all services at 50% OFF.  All services in the AVI Membership Package that are not used by the end of the monthly billing cycle DO NOT rollover into the next month. As such, we urge you to please use all of your services.