Hormone Replacement

Michael C. Brown, MD provides hormone therapy for both men and women, to alleviate symptoms caused by decreased hormones levels that occur with aging. At Marina Medical, located in Normandy Park, WA. Dr. Brown offers hormone therapy, using bioidentical hormones for patients throughout the greater Seattle area.

Hormone Replacement Q & A

What is hormone therapy and who is a candidate for it?


Both men and women experience a decrease in the so-called sex hormones (estrogen, progestogen, and testosterone) as they age. This decline often causes undesirable symptoms, including a diminished libido, depression, and moodiness. Hormone therapy offers welcome relief and renewed vitality for many such patients.


At Marina Medical, Dr. Brown uses bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT). These hormones are produced in a laboratory to identically duplicate the molecular structure of hormones produced in the body. Bioidentical hormones can only be obtained by prescription from a physician. Most often, products advertised on the internet or over-the-counter are not legitimate.


Women contemplating BHRT should familiarize themselves with the pros and cons of hormone therapy by reading a piece written by Dr. Brown, "Female Hormone Replacement for Menopause and Perimenopause Using Bioidentical Hormones". Before undergoing BHRT women must have a breast exam, mammogram, pap smear and pelvic examination.


Men need to undergo a digital prostate exam and blood test to determine PSA levels. Patients with breast, ovarian or prostate cancer, a history of blood clots, especially in smokers, are not candidates for BHRT.


How do hormonal changes caused by menopause affect women’s health?


The decrease in the production of estrogen and progesterone that occurs with menopause can cause many long-term negative effects, including increasing the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, vaginal dryness, anxiety, stress, hot flashes, depression and decreased the elasticity of the skin.

What medication or treatment is used for female hormone therapy?


Different forms of BHRT offer the most effective relief from hormonal changes caused by menopause. Progesterone is best taken orally, usually once a day. Estrogen is preferably administered as a topical cream or patch, or by implantation of pellets. Progesterone is best taken orally. Once tolerability and symptom relief are established, many women opt for pellet implantation. Hormone pellets are about the size of a large grain of rice and are comprised of highly compressed estrogen powder which releases the hormone into the tissue over a period of 3-4 months. Dr. Brown administers periodic blood tests to confirm hormone levels, but the relief of symptoms is the primary goal and guides future dosing. 

What is male andropause and what causes it?


Andropause, the age-related decline of testosterone in men, is sometimes referred to as male menopause, but it is quite different. In menopause, women experience a dramatic decline in the production of estrogen and progesterone over a relatively short period. The decline of testosterone in men, however, occurs gradually over a number of years and the decline does not always produce symptoms. Even before andropause, testosterone levels vary considerably between men. Overall, though, levels decrease as men age. In fact, testosterone decreases about 1% every year after the age of 30. Certain medications can also lower testosterone. 

What are the symptoms of male andropause or low testosterone?


The most common symptoms of andropause or low testosterone include:

  • Diminished sex drive

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Insomnia, or sleep disturbances

  • Diminished muscle bulk and strength

  • Depression or moodiness

What can be done about male andropause?


Dr. Brown and his medical staff can administer a blood test, which is the only way to determine testosterone levels. Men suffering from andropause often benefit from BHRT. Testosterone is administered by injection, a topical cream or gel, or by implantation of pellets which last up to 4 months.

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