OWLS 360º Sessions

OWLS 360º Sessions help you discover and act on what you want in life. Discovering and actually acting on what one truly wants is critical for any individual because we thrive when we continuously grow toward something of real meaning, however big or small. As the saying goes, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”


To support the needed mindset to achieve what we want in life, the OWLS 360º Sessions include utmost consideration of one’s physical state. When we don’t feel good physically, it’s difficult to focus mentally or accomplish much. By participating in OWLS 360º Sessions, you gain insight into many areas, including nutrition, exercise, weight management, stress management, addiction, environment, sleep, social life and other factors important for a healthy lifestyle.


Each OWLS 360º Session includes a short breathing exercise (10 minutes), a guided, goal-oriented meditation (15 minutes), an open-ended, voluntary sharing of written goals from our OWLS journals, and a shared topic of the day that pertains to one of the topics listed above (1 hour).  


The process of developing insight and forming new habits does not happen overnight; it takes time and we are here to support each other in that process.  Individual needs vary, but OWLS 360º Sessions are applicable and valuable for all.


– OWLS provides this program at NO COST. –

OWLS 360º Schedule 

Currently every Wednesday, 6:30 - 8pm

Scheduling is not necessary. Walk-ins welcome.

OWLS 360º Philosophy


Optimize our physiological potential and seek to cultivate a harmonious, peaceful state of mind.



Openly welcome and seek the support of others to feel a sense of camaraderie and stay focused on our goals.



Engage in discovering our individual life purpose and feeling it to the fullest degree.