Enhanced Wellness Classes



This type of Hatha Yoga is a "moving meditation". It is unique compared to other types of yoga because it is a set form of movements from one yoga pose to another, meaning you can memorize the form and practice it like Tai Chi.


$25  / Class

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Meditation & Singing Bowls


OWLS meditation classes help us turn down the noise and chaos of our intellect. Busy thoughts are quieted. Bit by bit, tension and anxiety are replaced by calm, inner peace and stillness. Singing bowls are employed in these classes to assist the mind in becoming more present and thus help in finding our inner stillness.


Meditation helps resolve and cope with all kinds of existing personal problems, and to prevent the creation of new ones. This is because most of our illnesses and daily problems stem from what we commonly call the subconscious mind. In general, what many meditation teachers call the “mind” extends beyond the different levels of consciousness, and is thought to be associated with a “core energy” (chi or qi, in eastern cultures). As we meditate, this core energy is stabilized, strengthened – and more easily accumulated. The stabilized, accumulated energy enables greater concentration, focus, and self understanding.


Through meditation, we gain clearer perception of our habits, our emotional drivers, our true priorities and actual needs – thus helping us control our thoughts, emotions and actions.  We find ourselves responding to our external environment, however turbulent, with more grace; as a result, we observe our perception and even the circumstances themselves begin to shift in our favor.


In summary, when we meditate, we slowly allow our core energy to settle and we come slightly closer to encountering a fully encompassing stillness. This deep stillness by default results in a sustained, profound happiness. As such, we should understand that meditation practice is merely bringing ourselves back to our original true nature. It is always there.


$25  / Class

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Qigong & Tai Chi


These practices are sometimes called ‘meditation in motion’ because of their many health benefits.  Qigong (“chee gohng”) is a system of breathing exercises and movements intended to open the flow of energy in meridians and to nourish the internal organs while cultivating physiologic harmony and stimulating bioelectrical energy. Taiji (Tai Chi) derives movements from the Chinese martial arts and incorporates meditative breathing exercise to cultivate qi (chi or “chee”) while promoting mind, body and energetic balance.


Tai Chi (up to 3)     $35  / Class

Qigong     $25  / Class

Private     $60  / Class

Members FREE*


All Enhanced Wellness Classes are 1 HOUR and are currently on Monday & Tuesday evenings.