Dear Patients,

We hope this message finds you feeling well and taking care to protect your health.  It is important that we at Marina Medical be part of the solution in our community's response to COVID-19.  In order to prevent unnecessary exposure for both patients and staff we are modifying our services while continuing to provide for your healthcare needs.

Starting today, patients who call for an appointment will be offered phone or video appointments when medically appropriate.  


While there is promising work being done for treatment and vaccination, both are in very early stages.  (We will also share information regarding supplementation.)  The best response currently available to slow the spread of the outbreak is simply practicing measures like social distancing and frequent, thorough handwashing.

To that end, with regard to visits with Marina Medical physicians:


  • For all regular visits, please call in advance and we will arrange a video or phone appointment as long as it is medically appropriate.  (Payment for video/phone consultations can be made at the time of the video/phone visit via credit card).

  • If you already have a scheduled appointment, please call if you prefer to have a phone/video appointment.  We will also begin calling scheduled patients to make these arrangements.  

  • We will not be seeing walk-in patients.  If you feel you must be seen in person by Dr. Brown or Dr. Steneker you must call the clinic first.

  • Do not come into the clinic if you have any indication of a cold, including sore throat, congestion, chills, cough or fever. Please call us, instead.  


In general, for your own welfare and the welfare of our community:


  • Stay home as much as possible.

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

  • Practice social distancing.


The CDC has more information available here. And this simple (and cute!) youtube video provides good information about the disease and how we should respond to it.

These are challenging times that require us all to make disruptive changes to our lives. Thank you for helping us and our community be a part of the solution.


Welcome to Marina Medical


We strive to provide compassionate, quality and comprehensive care. People often tell us our clinic feels different than what they are accustomed to. At Marina Medical, we listen. We genuinely hear and empathize with your unique needs. And we work with you to determine appropriate treatments and lifestyle modifications. 

While Marina Medical is a full service medical clinic, we offer solutions beyond the surface symptoms you may be experiencing. Because the human body is designed to heal itself, our focus is to help support your body's natural efforts to heal and rejuvenate. By alleviating underlying challenges, you regain your vibrant health and well-being.

Please explore our website to learn more about what we love to do. We hope to welcome you soon.

About the Practice


Getting established with a family care center that is truly a one-stop shop for patients in the greater Seattle area and their entire families is only a click or phone call away. Patients don’t have to look any further than Marina Medical in Normandy Park, Washington.

Marina Medical provides family medical care, walk-in appointments for urgent care, geriatric care, hormone replacement therapy, laboratory testing, minor surgery, chronic disease management, chronic pain management and so much more.


Marina Medical has over a decade of experience in the use of Suboxone (buprenorphine) treatment to help people who are recovering from dependence on or high tolerance to opioid drugs. As part of a more comprehensive and holistic approach to addiction treatment, the clinic also offers their unique Opioid Wellness & Lifestyle Support program, or OWLS -- an opportunity to experience group support and healthy new lifestyle skills.

Even though Marina Medical is nestled within a major city, staff pride themselves in creating the atmosphere of a small town, local doctor's office. This dedicated team believes that if patients learn more about their bodies and health status, they’ll do more to maintain wellness and optimal health in the future. Each practitioner spends time getting to know every patient as an individual. They work to find out if something is off or raising red flags, so they can begin educating patients about preventive measures.

Learn more about your Provider

Dr. Brown
Dr. Steneker

Our Philosophy


“It is incumbent on my staff and me to move our focus from merely reacting to medical crises to the bigger issues of disease prevention and optimal long-term management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease and chemical dependency.

I firmly believe that if people know better, they will do better.  As a physician, it is much more valuable to guide the overstressed, overweight patient toward a healthier diet and lifestyle than to merely prescribe medication with their potential for side effects.  Patients need to know that many chronic health problems are preventable, and our job as health care providers is to provide the information and structure needed to realize that goal.

The human potential is greater than we can imagine, and good health is basic to realizing that potential.  What we think and feel are just as important as what we eat and do.  Whether it’s our commitment to listen to your concerns or to provide new information and insights regarding your condition, it is our pledge to you to do our best to help you attain your maximum level of wellness.”

Michael C. Brown, MD

Feel the Difference at Marina Medical


Think old-fashioned, small-town doctor’s office. While we have special capabilities and interests, when you simply feel you need to see a doctor, we will do our utmost to meet your expectations.Most of our patients tell us they are more relaxed and at home in our office, compared to other medical clinics. I think this is a reflection of the fact that we really do care about you. To us, you are not just another body. Each of us is unique and special. We are influenced by genetics, personality traits, and relationships that need to be taken into account to best facilitate healing. In fact, almost every illness leading to hospitalization in this country has an emotional or spiritual component at its roots. At Marina Medical, we listen, empathize and suggest interventions in mutual consultation with you.Please familiarize yourself with information on this web site. We strive to keep information current and applicable. Most of all, we want you to feel welcome. And if we have not met, we hope to have that pleasure soon.

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